Frequently Asked Questions

What is the P3.91 mean for LED Screen?

“P” is the abbreviation of Pixel Pitch, It means the distance from the center of one pixel to its neighboring pixel center.  It usually be measured in MM, For Example, “P3.91 Outdoor LED Screen”  means its pixel pitch is 3.91mm.

What is the difference of indoor LED display and outdoor LED display?

They are used in different environments Indoor or Outdoor;

2)Indoor LED Display is not waterproof Usually IP31/IP31, while Outdoor LED Screen at least IP65 UP. And our IP68 series with IP68 protection;

3)Indoor LED Display brightness is from 500 nits to 1,000nits, while the outdoor LED Screen at least up to 4500nits.

Are your display outdoor IP rated?

Yes,we do have two solutions (IP65/54 and IP68) that can be utilized for permanent outdoor installation.Your sales representative can help you determine which products fit you best.

What’s the price of screen?

The price is calculated per square meter,which also includes the price of led lamp and IC. So with the difference lamp and IC, the price would be different. Your sales representative could help you for the option of LED lamp and Drive IC for your project.

How about the payment term?

Our payment term is T/T,30% as deposit, balance before shipment.

Do you have the certificate of the origin for your products?

Yes,we have it.We also have CE, RoHS、FCC and IECEE.

Where do I send my unit for service/repair?

Repairs on units under warranty are performed at China – whichever is more convenient for you, but first, contact with us. Also, we have some location for more convenient for you

Can you OEM for us?

Yes, we are the manufacturer that specialized in OEM production, supplying productions to large quantities of many clients.

What’s the Aging Testing?

Aging testing is refers to imitate the long time operation without working problems, it is the most important to ensure the reliability of the LED display. LED display could be more stable after aging, and it can help the use of the efficiency. led screen aging test is a very important link in quality control.

How to change the content of LED display?

You can connect your LED display through computer or cell phone, edit the content you want in the software/App, and then send it to the screen. If the distance is several kilometers, hundreds of kilometers, thousands of kilometers away, you can send the content to your LED display through 4G wireless network, or the Internet.

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What control system do you use?

All of our products use NovaStar system, and other system for your option.

How can i find out the parts in the packing?

we put a label with all the parts, you can follow the parts with the label.

How long is your lead time?

Lead time of all the orders is about 15 days. And we will report all the process to you.

If there is a broken lamp or other problem,how to repair it?

Each order will be equipped 2% spare parts,which can be replaced and repaired at any time. You can send it back to our technicians for maintenance,or we can guide you online for maintenance.

What is the warranty policy?

The warranty is 3 years, Singheng will provide tech support and after service of the product for users, and will also provide complete assessment advice and relevant tech suggestions in aspects of tech parameters, specifications, configuration, functions and environmental factors.

What if I don't know how to install an LED display?

1. We will provide the installation steel structure drawings, wiring diagrams and instruction manuals
2. Installation video
3. Online video technical guidance
4. Provide on-site guidance for a fee

Do you have any question?
Feel free to contact us anythime.

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