Our Services

Our services

Three-year warranty

All LED display products manufactured by Singheng are covered by a three-year warranty, whether or not they are purchased directly from Singheng.

Free Online Technical Support

Unlimited online technical support, including phone calls, webcam, remote control

Free spare parts

Free spares on a pro rata basis

Free drawings

Free CAD steel structure drawings and wiring diagrams

Free project design and planning

In the pre-sale consultation stage, assist customers with LED display project design and planning.

Free industry information

Free to provide customers with LED display knowledge training, free of charge to provide industry information, share industry prospects, market development methods

Fee-based on-site installation services

Upon request, we can provide worldwide on-site installation guidance for a fee

Additional Service

Free Factory Training
Singheng provide 3 days free factory training to all customers
  • Control system basic operation
  • How to configure the LED display
  • How to detect the common problem
  • How to repair defected LED board
Customized Design Service
Singheng provides customized electronic and structural design for customers’ individual LED display products
  • LED display PCBA design

  • LED panel structure design

  • Installation structure design

  • OEM and ODM

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