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Welcome the global LEDs, advertising signage, cultural media, integrators, engineers, importers of companies and individuals, distribution of our products, we will give you the greatest support!

Global Distributor Support Policy

Marketing Support
  • Co-Branding Opportunities: Collaborate on joint marketing campaigns and materials to increase brand visibility.
  • Marketing Collateral: Provide high-quality marketing materials, brochures, and product images for use in promotional activities.
  • Digital Marketing Assistance: Offer assistance with digital marketing efforts, including social media promotion and search engine optimization.
  • Event Support: Provide support for participation in industry exhibitions, conferences, and events.
Training and Technical Support
  • Product Training: Conduct regular training sessions to educate distributors on product features, benefits, and sales techniques.
  • Technical Support: Offer technical support to assist distributors with product installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.
  • Access to Resources: Provide access to technical documentation, manuals, and online resources to facilitate distributor operations.
Sales Support
  • Lead Referral: Distribute qualified leads and inquiries to distributors based on territory or specialization.
  • Sales Tools: Offer sales tools such as product demos, samples, and presentations to aid in the sales process.
  • Pricing Assistance: Provide competitive pricing support and guidance to help distributors win deals.
Exclusive Territories and Rights
  • Territory Protection: Grant exclusive territories or distribution rights to key distributors to prevent channel conflicts and foster loyalty.
  • Product Exclusivity: Offer exclusive access to certain product lines or models to incentivize commitment and investment from distributors.
Inventory and Logistics Support
  • Inventory Management: Assist distributors in managing inventory levels by providing forecasts, inventory planning, and flexible order fulfillment options.
  • Logistics Assistance: Facilitate logistics arrangements and provide support with shipping, customs clearance, and delivery logistics.

Additional Supports

Free Factory Training
Singheng provide 3 days free factory training to all customers
  • Control system basic operation
  • How to configure the LED display
  • How to detect the common problem
  • How to repair defected LED board
Customized Design Service
Singheng provides customized electronic and structural design for customers’ individual LED display products
  • LED display PCBA design

  • LED panel structure design

  • Installation structure design

  • OEM and ODM

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