How is outdoor LED display waterproof and weatherproof?

outdoor led display

How is outdoor LED display waterproof and weatherproof?

Outdoor LED display can achieve IP65 or higher protection level, can work for a long term in outdoor  environment with high temperature, high humidity, high salt, strong ultraviolet. And must withstand the wind and rain. Outdoor LED display is how to achieve waterproof and weatherproof, today I will explore this issue.

outdoor led display

First of all, the airtightness of LED lights. Singheng outdoor LED display usually use SMD3535, SMD2727, SMD1921 and SMD1514 LED lamps, one of their common features is extremely airtight, rain and water vapor can not enter the interior through the surface.

LED lamp

Secondly, the front of the PCB board of outdoor LED display is covered with a thick layer of waterproof soft rubber, which completely separates the PCB and LED lamp foot from the outside world and plays a protective role.


Thirdly, the front of the outdoor LED module will also be covered with a mask to block ultraviolet rays and external damage to the waterproof soft plastic.

LED mask

Fourthly, the back of the outdoor LED module sprayed with three-proof paint to stop the moisture in the air and salt spray erosion of electronic components.


Fifthly, outdoor LED display to be waterproof, must also have outdoor cabinet to match. The module is assembled on the cabinet on the finished outdoor LED display. Cabinet is the shell of the LED display, it plays the role of skeleton support, also plays a waterproof role.


Sixthly, in the LED module assembly to the cabinet this link, but also waterproof silicone ring, it is screwed tightly pressed between the module and the cabinet, so that the rain and water vapor can not enter the cabinet inside.


Through the above 6 protection, Singheng outdoor LED display has a strong waterproof and weather resistance, do not have to worry about outdoor use. It can work perfectly and normally even under long-term sunshine, rain and wind.


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