Singheng Spherical LED Screens Help Build World Tourism Landmarks

The emergence of spherical LED screens has not only provided a better viewing experience for more audiences but has also garnered widespread attention with its immersive visual presentation.

However, the rise of spherical LED screens also brings new challenges. Unlike traditional projection sphere solutions, LED display solutions cannot leverage projection technology. For a long time, spherical LED display have faced market pain points such as high costs for custom-made materials and significant deformation of conventional materials, becoming significant factors constraining the development of this field.

Spherical LED Screen

Addressing the unique display requirements of spherical LED screens, Singheng has conducted extensive technological innovation and accumulated rich industry experience. Based on this, Singheng offers professional LED spherical screen solutions, promoting the integration of display technology with panoramic materials and driving a wider application of LED spherical screens.

Reshaping the art of light and shadow: Singheng LED Spherical Screen Solutions

Structurally, spherical screens include methods like the “watermelon peel” approach, hexahedron approach, and point light approach. To ensure various types of spherical screens present perfect display effects, this places different demands on LED control systems and playback control systems.

Spherical LED Screen 4

Professional playback control, CS servers illuminate the myriad worlds of vision: Singheng, based on the CS series multimedia servers, uses GrandShow software in conjunction with LED heterogeneous display technology. With powerful image processing capabilities, it achieves perfect adaptation of standard panoramic materials to spherical screens of various constructions, allowing for multi-angle transformations, natural and smooth image display, and stable playback processes.

Boundless panoramas, GrandShow unlocks a new visual realm for spherical screens: GrandShow software can restore panoramic effects on different types of spherical screens without the need for conversion, ensuring immersive experiences while significantly improving material versatility and reducing image production costs, thus providing a more competitive solution.

Releasing energy: Leading the trend of spherical screen display

The images projected by spherical screens, whether vast space, serene underwater scenes, or 3D-like natural environments, offer experiences far superior to those brought by giant screens, immersing viewers in a rich and colorful world of images.

Insight into trends: Singheng leads the spherical screen application market

Singheng understands the advantages of spherical screen applications and leads in innovative display scene settings. At the 2024 ISLE Shenzhen Exhibition, Singheng showcased its intelligent LED spherical screen solutions. The immersive display feast created by a semicircular screen quickly attracted customers’ attention, and the technologically advanced and visually stunning display effects triggered a wave of admiration on-site.

Technological upgrades: Empowering the world to interpret spherical screen light and shadow shows

Spherical LED Screen 3

In addition, in Saudi Arabia, Singheng has helped create a giant spherical LED screen with a diameter of 35 meters, breaking Guinness World Records, and the “Kuwaiti Eye,” an elliptical spherical screen at Avenues Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in the Middle East. These projects bring panoramic visual shocks to global users, establishing renowned cultural and tourist landmarks.

Spherical LED Screen 2
Spherical LED Screen 1

With the development of Singheng’s image display technology, it has pioneered innovation and set industry benchmarks in the spherical LED display  field, enhancing the effectiveness of cultural, tourism, and brand communication. This injects continuous momentum into the industry and leads the application trend of spherical screens.

Currently, with the continuous introduction of cultural and tourism policies and the upgrading of cultural and tourism experiences, the application of spherical screens in cultural and tourism fields such as planetariums, science museums, museums, and theme parks is becoming increasingly widespread, presenting more diverse application scenarios. Singheng will continue to lead the trend of cultural and tourism development, combining innovative technologies and solutions to organically integrate display technology with historical culture, natural landscapes, and modern technology, providing users with even more ultimate display experiences.

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