Indoor LED Display

Indoor LED display is a high-definition screen commonly used for advertising, information display, or entertainment purposes within indoor spaces such as shopping malls, stadiums,churches, or event venues. It offers vibrant colors, sharp images, and versatile content display capabilities, making it an effective communication tool for engaging audiences in various settings.

Floor LED Display LC100 series

  • P2.6/P2.97/P3.91/P4.81

  • LED panel: 500mm x 1000mm / 500mm x 500mm

  • LED module: 250mm x 250mm

  • Human-machine sensing interaction

  • Iron/aluminum cabinet

  • Maximum load per square meter 2000 KG

Application Scenarios

Bars, Shopping malls, Celebrity concerts, Entertainment venues

Human-machine sensing interaction

 As you walk on the floor tile LED display, the picture changes with your footsteps. Inside, fish, flowers, running water …… react as they should, just like in the real environment!

floor tile led display 5
floor tile led display 2

Cup foot installation, very easy

Each set of floor tile LED display comes with enough cup-shaped feet, directly on the ground installation, simple and quick

Quick plugs

Quick plugs connection between cabinets for added convenience

floor tile led display 1 3
floor tile led display 3

8 infrared sensing chips per LED module

Each LED module has 8 built-in infrared sensing chips, which are very sensitive and adjustable

Three-proof paint

PCBA front and back sides are coated with three-proof paint to ensure that the floor tile LED screen is protected from moisture erosion in the bar environment

floor tile led display 2 2
floor tile led display 4

Maximum load per square meter 2000 KG

Floor tile LED display that can withstand up to 2000KG per square meter. Cars and women wearing high heels can walk freely on the floor tile screen

Plywood case packaging

Provide professional and sturdy protection to prevent floor tile LED display from being damaged during transportation

plywood case for led display

Application Scenarios

floor tile led display
floor tile led display 1 2

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Floor LED Display

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