LED display on vehicle

LED display on vehicle provide dynamic information and visuals. They serve as effective tools for conveying messages and advertisements to pedestrians and other drivers.

Car Top LED Display VAC296 series

  • P2/P2.5/P4/P5

  • Display area: 960mm x 320mm

  • LED module: 320mm x 160mm

  • Aluminum cabinet, fast heat dissipation, Lightweight and non-rusting

  • 4G/WIFI/USB control method optional

  • GPS positioning

  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • IP65 protection

  • For car, taxi top advertising

Application Scenarios

Car top advertising, Taxi top advertising, Mobile advertising

Aluminum cabinet

Car top LED display is designed with an all-aluminum housing, fast heat dissipation, light weight and non-rusting

car top led display 1
car top led display 2

Easy Installation

Come with roof racks, easy to install the taxi top LED display, and does not hurt the car

Customized front and rear window signs

Car top LED display can be customized with single or multiple windows, round or square windows, text, and graphics. You can put your logo here

car top led display 3
car top led display 4

4G/WIFI/USB control method optional

Three ways to easily update the advertising content on the car top LED display, including 4G/WIFI/USB

Cloud platform management and centralized control

When you choose the 4G version, you can connect to the internet through any terminal (PC,tablet,cell phone) and log in to our public cloud platform to manage and control all your car top LED display and update the content. We can also assist you to build your own cloud platform

cloud platform
car top led display 5

GPS positioning

The system background can check the vehicle location and whether the advertisement is online. And according to the GPS positioning, according to the region to play the specified advertising

IP65 protection

IP65 high level waterproof and dustproof, no worry about outdoor use

IP65 protection outdoor use
plywood case for led display

Plywood case packaging

Provide professional and sturdy protection to prevent taxi top LED display from being damaged during transportation

Application Scenarios

car top led display
taxi top led display 2

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Car Top LED Display

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