Transparent LED Screen Indoor TA1 series

Transparent LED Screen Indoor TA1 series

  • P3.9-7.8 / P10.4

  • LED panel: 1000mm x 1000mm  /  500mm x 1000mm

  • LED module: 500mm x 125mm

  • Hard connection,more stable

  • Aluminum cabinet, fast heat dissipation, more light weight

  • Rear maintenance

  • For indoor fixed installation

Application Scenarios

Shopping malls, Window displays, Glass curtain walls, Bars, Celebrity concerts, Entertainment venues

The effect is unique and eye catching

Transparent LED display, the picture is transparent, as if suspended in the air

transparent led screen 2
skeleton structure

Hollow out structure

Transparent because it’s hollowed out

No blocking of light

Transparent LED screens are installed behind glass and broadcast to the outside, without affecting the interior lighting

transparent led screen 1
transparent led screen hanging

Transparent LED screen can be hung installation

Hanging installation, easy and quick

Can also be floor-mounted, arc-mounted

Transparent LED screen can be floor mounted, arc mounted

transparent led screen
plywood case for led display

Plywood case packaging

Provide professional and sturdy protection to prevent transparent LED screen from being damaged during transportation

Application Scenarios

transparent led screen 3
transparent led screen 5

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Transparent LED Screen


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