Indoor LED Display

Indoor LED display is a high-definition screen commonly used for advertising, information display, or entertainment purposes within indoor spaces such as shopping malls, stadiums,churches, or event venues. It offers vibrant colors, sharp images, and versatile content display capabilities, making it an effective communication tool for engaging audiences in various settings.

Indoor LED display FA160 series

  • P0.78 /P0.93 /P1.25 /P1.56 /P1.87

  • LED panel: 600mm x 337.5mm

  • LED module: 150mm x 168.75mm

  • Hard connection,more stable

  • Aluminum cabinet, fast heat dissipation

  • Front maintenance

  • For indoor fixed installation

Application Scenarios

Malls, Airports, Retail stores, Conference rooms, Hotels, Churches

aluminum cabinet

Aluminum cabinet

Indoor LED display FA160 series with all-aluminum LED screen body, fast heat dissipation and light weight. No need for additional fans to dissipate heat

Hard connection design,more stable

Eliminate internal flat wires and power cables to avoid internal space congestion. Eliminate the LED screen failure caused by wire aging and poor contact, and significantly improve the stability of indoor LED display screen

hard connection
Front maintenance

Front maintenance

Front maintenance design, reducing the installation space of indoor LED display, more convenient maintenance

16:9 golden ratio,Ultra-thin

LED panel 16:9 ratio, more convenient for engineering design. 52mm(2″) of LED panel thickness, make the screen body thinner and lighter

aspect ratio,ultra thin

3840Hz high refresh

Singheng indoor LED display FA160 series has 3840Hz high refresh rate, no stroboscopic flickering and shooting without scan lines. Perfectly reproduce the wonderful images of conferences and concert events.

160° ultra-wide viewing angle

160° Ultra-wide viewing angle, so you don’t have to worry about the audience sitting in the corner

160 degree wide viewing angel
corner led display

90 degree right angle splicing

Singheng indoor LED display FA160 series has beveled edge LED panels can be spliced at 90 degree right angles to form corners for special installation environments.

Plywood case packaging

Provide professional and sturdy protection to prevent indoor LED display from being damaged during transportation

plywood case for led display

Application Scenarios

indoor led display site
indoor led display

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Indoor LED display

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