Flexible LED Display

Flexible LED display screen with its changing shape and light and shadow, fully express the creator’s thoughts, make the advertisement more creative and dynamic visual effect. Make all your creativity become reality.

Outdoor Flexible LED Display SC2 series

  • P3/P4

  • LED panel: customized

  • LED module: 320mm x 160mm

  • Can be bent inward and outward

  • Creative shapes based on metal structures

  • Magnetic Front Maintenance

  • For outdoor use
Application Scenarios

Shopping mall, Store, Public square

Outdoor flexible LED module can be bent inward or outward

Each LED module is made of silicone backshell, mask and flexible PCB. It can be bent to 162 degrees, which can meet the requirements of more than 98% of the outdoor curved LED screen

outdoor flexible led display 1
outdoor flexible led display 2

Magnetic Front Maintenance

Outdoor flexible LED dipslay adopts strong magnetic front maintenance design, which is convenient for installation and maintenance, and saves installation space


IP65 high protection level

Outdoor flexible LED module front and back waterproof, with outdoor standard cabinet, to achieve IP65 grade protection

outdoor flexible led display 4
outdoor flexible led display 3

Safety rope

Each outdoor flexible LED module is equipped with a safety rope to prevent it from being blown off by high winds, or falling during installation work at high altitude, providing more safety protection

Customized cylindrical LED display, curved LED display

Outdoor flexible LED display can be customized into outdoor cylindrical LED display and outdoor curved LED display, which are its biggest application scenarios

outdoor flexible led display 5
plywood case for led display

Plywood case packaging

Provide professional and sturdy protection to prevent outdoor flexible LED display from being damaged during transportation

Application Scenarios

Flexible led display 6
Flexible led display 7

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Outdoor Flexible LED Display

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