Stadium LED Display

Stadium LED display mainly includes score screen, perimeter advertising screen, clear picture, real-time dissemination. Mainly broadcasting player information, scores, sponsor advertisements.

Stadium Perimeter LED Display SM296 series

  • P6.67/P8/P10

  • LED panel: 960mm x 960mm / 1280mm x 960mm

  • LED module: 320mm x 160mm

  • Soft top

  • Soft mask
  • Magnesium alloy cabinet, more light weight

  • Rear or front maintenance

  • For outdoor or indoor use

Application Scenarios

Advertisement on the perimeter around the sports ground

Magnesium alloy cabinet, lightweight and rust-free

Perimeter LED display adopts magnesium alloy cabinet, light weight and no rust

perimeter led display 2
perimeter led display 1

Soft top + soft mask

Singheng perimeter LED display adopts soft top + soft mask to prevent players from hitting the screen and getting injured. At the same time, the high brim prevents hitting the LEDs.

IP65 high-grade dustproof and waterproof

Singheng perimeter LED displays are totally usable in heavy rain

perimeter led display 5
perimeter led display 4

3840Hz high refresh rate

Singheng perimeter LED display has a high refresh rate of 3840Hz, shooting without scan lines, the screen does not flicker

Adjustable rear support

Perimeter LED display adopts adjustable rear support for flexible adaptation to various viewing angles

perimeter led display
perimeter led display 3

Quick installation

Perimeter LED displays are equipped with quick locks and aviation plugs for fast  installation and splicing

Flight case Packaging

Flight case packaging for easy movement and re-installation.Optional plywood case packaging

perimeter led display packing

Application Scenarios

stadium perimeter led screen 2
stadium perimeter led screen 1

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Perimeter LED Display

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