Creative LED Display

Creative LED display screen with its changing shape and light and shadow, fully express the creator’s thoughts, make the advertisement more creative and dynamic visual effect. Make all your creativity become reality.

Outdoor Spherical LED Display BC2 series

  • P3/P4/P5/P8/P10

  • LED panel: Customized

  • LED module: Customized

  • Spherical screen diameter can be customized

  • For outdooe use

Application Scenarios

Streets, scenic spots, Landmarks, Exhibition halls

Spherical display, unique effect

Spherical or ellipsoidal displays,  unique effects

outdoor spherical screen 2
Spherical screen diameter can be customized

Diameter can be customized

Outdoor LED sphere diameter size can be customized at will

Spherical LED display steel structure

Outdoor spherical LED display steel structure

Spherical screen steel structure
plywood case for led display

Plywood case packaging

Provide professional and sturdy protection to prevent outdoor spherical LED display from being damaged during transportation

Application Scenarios

spherical led display 3
spherical led display 4

Product Videos

Outdoor Spherical LED display

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