Recognize the LED display (III) — LED display selection

Recognize the LED display (III) — LED display selection

Only by fully understanding the characteristics of various LED display screens can customers be well-assisted in choosing the right one. The specifications chosen depend on the usage scenario, installation environment, primary purpose, size, viewing distance, customer requirements, and budget.

digital led billboard1
digital led billboard outdoor led display

The selection process involves communication. Many customers are unsure of what type of LED display screen they need. Only by understanding the customer’s true needs can our quotation be targeted, accurate, reasonable, cost-effective, and responsible, reflecting our professionalism. Asking customers the following three questions can help clarify their requirements:

a. Where will the LED display screen be installed? (Outdoor, indoor, wall-mounted, pillar-mounted, freestanding, suspended)

b. What are the length and width dimensions?

c. What is the main purpose?

Additionally, outdoor full-color LED display screens sometimes need to consider factors such as orientation, local climate characteristics, and control distance.

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