Retail Store LED Display

Retail store LED display screens, characterized by high definition and versatility, provide vivid showcases for products and promotional messages, capturing customer attention and enhancing shopping experiences

LED Poster PC1 series

  • P1.25 /P1.53 /P1.66 /P1.86 /P2 /P2.5

  • LED poster: 640mm x 1920mm

  • LED module: 320mm x 160mm

  • 3840Hz high refresh

  • Front/rearmaintenanc

  • WIFI/4G mobile control

  • For indoor use only

Application Scenarios

Retail stores, malls, Exhibitions, Showrooms

multi port


Poster LED display standard with HDMI, USB, LAN, WIFI interface, can also be optional 4G control

Movable with 4 wheels

The base of the poster LED display  has 4 wheels for easy mobility to any location

LED poster with wheels
WIFI 4G mobile control

Mobile WIFI control

Connect the LED poster’s WIFI through your cell phone to update the video, picture and text content. You can also input the content through network cable, HDMI, USB

3840Hz high refresh

Singheng LED poster PC1 series has 3840Hz high refresh rate, no stroboscopic flickering and shooting without scan lines. Advertising is much more effective.

3840Hz high refresh
spliced poster led display

Multiple units splice playback

Singheng LED poster screen can be played independently or in multiple splices to form one big screen, adapting to retail stores and exhibitions.

Application Scenarios

poster led display 1
LED poster

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